Describe the curriculum designed on the basis of idealism.


Idealism, in philosophy, is any view that stresses the central role of the ideal or the spiritual in the of experience.

In idealism, the aim of education is to discover and develop each individual’s abilities and full moral excellence in order to better serve society. The curricular emphasis is the subject matter of mind: literature, history, philosophy, and religion. Teaching methods focus on handling ideas through lecture, discussion, and (a method of teaching that uses questioning to help students discover and clarify knowledge). Introspection, intuition, insight, and whole-part logic (The fallacy of arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole) are used to bring to consciousness the forms or concepts which are latent in the mind. Character is developed through and heroes.


According to the naturalists, the present experiences, activities and interests should be the . The idealists, the child’s present and future activities are not important at all in the curriculum construction. The experiences of the as the epitome in sciences and humanities should provide the primary consideration in deciding a curriculum.

The idealist does not emphasize one subject in preference to another. In fact, he attaches great importance to the quality of personal greatness which some subjects have in abundance. The idealist’s point of view is subjective, as opposed to merely objective values.

The pragmatists emphasize the principle of utility as the main criteria for determining the nature of the curriculum.

Lodge in writes: “All subjects on the curriculum will be used to develop mastery over techniques in order to solve new problems rather than to capable of flawless reproduction of systematic contents.”

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